Program Seminar

Program Seminar : 6-17 August 2012

Arrival date Sunday 6th of August, leaving Friday 17th of August.

  • Day 1: arrival at Tirana. Settling in at the hotel Theranda in the centre of Tirana. Welcome party, lecture and welcome dinner party.
  • Day 2: early morning dance classes, afternoon free, evening classes, dinner party.
  • Day 3: early morning classes, afternoon visit Ethnographical department, evening classes, dinner party.
  • Day 4: leaving early morning Tirana for Shkodra, Kruja with ethnographical museum and Bazar on the way, dinner in Shkodra.
  • Day 5: Leaving Shkodra for Lepushi, dinner.
  • Day 6: mountain festival Lepushi, Logu i Bjeshkes with music, songs, dance and costumes, all day.
  • Day 7: leaving Lepushi for Tirana, dinner in Tirana.
  • Day 8: morning classes, afternoon excursion options, evening classes, dinner.
  • Day 9: morning classes, afternoon excursion options, evening classes, dinner.
  • Day 10: morning classes, afternoon lecture or optional singing classes, dinner.
  • Day 11: morning classes, video recording, group picture, afternoon free, farewell dinner with folklore show.
  • Day 12: leaving Tirana to travel back home.

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Dance classes with live music for some parts. Certificate of attendance, accepted by CID-Unesco, Audio-CD and DVD included.

Lectures about Albanian dances, music and costumes.

Excursions to interesting places including ethnographical museums.

Evening dinner parties in the best traditional restaurants in Tirana.

Lodging at local guesthouses in the mountains with local families.

Taking part in the “mountain” festival with Albanian groups from northern Albanian (Kukës, Tropoja etc), Montenegro (Mali I Zi) and nearby Kosovo (Rugovo, Opojës etc) !! The festival is a gathering of mountain people showing dances, music, songs and folk dresses, local food etcetera.

Some remarks:


The price will be about 1000 Euro’s, including accommodation, transport, excursions, admission fees, breakfast, dinner (including drinks), dance classes, Audio-CD and DVD, certificate. Lunch is also included at the excursion days and during the stay in the mountains. A definite price will be available soon.

Whatever you like for lunch, eating and drinking is fairly cheap in Tirana; restaurants, fast food and bars on every corner at every price level.


For Tirana we will stay in Hotel Theranda, a newly built modern hotel, airconditioned rooms, western style equipped bathrooms, breakfast buffet, bar, internet connection, conference room, in the very centre of Tirana or in other hotels in the same area of town nearby Theranda with the same specifications. In the mountains we will stay at guesthouses, run by local families, sharing their house and food. Although traditional houses, a modern equipped bathroom (or two) is available.

We try as much as we can to accommodate you at your wishes, single rooms (at extra costs) or couples together in a double room, but we are not able to guarantee granting of all wishes, due to the limited number of rooms available. This will also be the case for the lodging in the mountains, as rooms are fit for up to six people, women and men separated, with a very limited number of double rooms for couples.


Coming and leaving by plane: transportation from and to the Tirana airport to the hotel is included on the set dates. Arriving earlier or leaving later is no problem, but keep in mind extra hotel reservations and transport from and to the airport. Extra nights at the hotel will be charged at the same discounted rate as the normal nights during the seminar. Travel to and from the airport will take about 25 Euro one way, regardless the number of persons involved.

Coming and leaving by other means: transportation to the hotel on the day of arrival and the day of leaving can be arranged when date, time and places are confirmed about 5 days in advance. In case of extra costs we will inform you as soon as possible in advance. Accommodation and transportation elsewhere can be arranged for you.

Signing up

The seminar is due to a minimum and maximum of participants. Admission of participants will be based on the date of registration. Fill out the registration form here

Written by: Cees Hillebrand. Last updated: 2012-06-17