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Folk dance seminar hot topic in Albanian Press

After the first TV station, the popular channel KLAN TV, visited the Opera building to make a report on our folk dance seminar, like Koha TV in 2010, many other TV stations, writing press and radio stations came along for the news of foreigners visiting Albania to learn Albanian folk dances. Some came announced, some unannounced.

All were very interested how this could have happened. They interviewed Genci and Helga, me as organizer and some of the participants. Questions about why, when , how, etcetera had to be answered again and again, sometimes disturbing the lessons. Even two of the participants were taken apart for individual interviews, which resulted in articles about them, separate from the seminar reports.

People in the streets recognized us, thanked us for taking interest in their traditions and wished us all the best. The night guard in the hotel where we stayed was proud of us as he could tell everybody that “they were in my hotel!”

We are happy with such reactions, which is a sign that they care about their traditions and at last see that foreigners take interest in their culture, which will inspire them to even take more care about their heritage.

At the last night of the seminar the city of Tirana presented their gratitude “Mirënjohja Tiranase” for bringing folklore tourism to the city of Tirana, with which we were extremely happy. The presentation of this certificate and the presence of Mr. Esat Ruka, the director of the Qendra Kombëtare e Veprimtarive Folklorike (The National Centre for Immaterial Folklore, an institute of the Ministry for Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports) is promising for future activities on Albanian folklore.

Last updated: 2014-03-05