Seminar 2010



“I think it was a good mix of dancing, sightseeing, visiting other places and free time”

“I hope to be able to do it again sometime”

“..hard to follow Genci and Helga, because they were professional dancers and just so perfect!”

“From all my journeys within the last years this was really the one I enjoyed most”

“It was contagious!”

“Albania and its people are really something to fall in love with”


Many thanks to:

Mr. Zhani Ciko (Opera facilities), Kliton Gërxhani, Jonista Begaj, and staff of Albanian Holidays(Hotel and excursions arrangements), Petrit Imeraj (Shkodra and Theth arrangements), Vladimir Hasimi, Artan Shabani and Leonard Cara (live music support), Zaho Salmanaj, Hyso Xhaferri, Fatbardh Karaj and Andrea Doci (polyphonic singing support), Prof. Dr. Ramazan Bogdani and Prof. Dr. Afërdita Onuzi (lectures), Mr. Altin Cupi and staff (Theranda Hotel), Dionis Delia (singer), Gezim Alimehmeti and Olta Ahmetaj (dancers), Llani (keyboard), Arben Kraja (Theth guide), Martin Fisha (lahuta), Fran Kaolyu and Ndue Shytoni (çifteli), Mëhill Çarku and family (guesthouse Theth), Gjeto Dardha and Lush Blinishta (drivers Theth), Gjon Dukgilaj (Tradita restaurant Shkodra), Gerta Kastrati (translations) , Genc Kastrati and Helga Saraçi, assisting (teachers), the staff of the restaurants “Era”, “Sarajet”, “Shpia Jon”, “Gurra e Perrisë”, “Ujvara, Ibë”, all participants and all others we might have forgotten to mention here.

Faleminderit shumë!

Last updated: 2014-03-05