Urban music in the Balkans

drop-out ethnic identities or a historical case of tolerance and global thinking?

Author: Shupo, Sokol (editor)

Publisher Asmus, Tirana
Edition 2006
Format 16,5 x 23,5 cm
Pages 471
Illustrations Black and white pictures in the texts
Availability available
Price indication ALL 4,600 (approx. EUR 33.21 / USD 41.77)

The book is a compilation of papers as presented at the International Symposium, held in Tirana, September 28 - October 01, 2006 by the DCCRM, the Documentation and Communication Center for Regional Music.
A second subtitel is "In honorem Ramadan Sokoli", the well-known ethnomusicologist from Albania.
There are 33 articles on urban music from different countries and with different perspectives. To mention a few of the authors: Bulent Aksoy (Turkey), Victor Friedman (USA), Jane C. Sugarman (USA), Dorit Klebe (Germany), Ivanka Vlaeva (Bulgaria), Pirro Misso (Albania) and Eno Koço (UK/Albania).
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