Practical Information


The price for the seminar will be about 900 Euro per person , based on sharing a twin or double room in the hotels. Breakfast and part of the lunches or dinners are included. All transportation for excursions and admissions to museums etcetera is included.

Application form

To register just use the contact email address and we'll get back to you by email.

First comes, first goes until the maximum number of participants is reached. Minimum is 15, maximum is 30 participants.


The main part will take place in Gjirokastër with two excursions to interesting places nearby. After the festival we will stay one night in Berat, visit the museum and the citadel before returning to Tirana on the first two days there is some opportunity to go shopping in Tirana.


During the festival we will have 3 musicians providing live music for classes and Genc will be assisted by Helga Saraçi (dancer at the National Ensemble) in dance classes. The staff of Albania Holidays travel agency will assist in transport and arrangements.


We will use English as the standard language for communication during the seminar. Genc speaks Italian and English and we will have a translator at hand as much as possible. We also will provide you with basic Albanian words for dancing, food and drinks. We ourselves are able to communicate with you in Dutch, French and German as well.


In Tirana we will stay at Hotel Theranda, a modern hotel in the very centre of Tirana. In Gjirokastër we will stay in Hotel Kalemi in a traditional house. In Berat we will stay in hotels in the old Moslim quarter of the town, in traditional buildings.


It is possible to stay more days in advance or after the trip. We and Albania Holidays are happy to assist you for accommodation, arrangements and guides.

Written by: Cees Hillebrand. Last updated: 2015-02-08