Folk dance seminar 2016

Traditional Albanian folk dances

Summer seminar 2016

Albania & Kosovo

10th—21st of July 2016


Genc Kastrati

Guest teacher: Besnik Grajcevci

Albanian folk dances

The traditional dances presented by Genc Kastrati are examples of the rich folklore of Albania. Each region has it’s own particular dances and style, from heavy dances for the men from the north to very elegant dances for the women from the south, with pleasant couple dances from central Albania.

Albania can be roughly divided into three parts: the north (Gheg), the south (Tosk) and central Albania, which division expresses itself in the dialect, costumes, music and dances. The seminar will contain dances from all parts.

Albanian folk dances are not restricted to the Republic of Albania. Large communities live in Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece and smaller communities in the diaspora (Turkey, USA, Ukraine, Italy etcetera). .

To show even a greater diversity in Albanian dances we included dances from Albanian Kosovo, taught by a guest teacher from Shota ensemble for which we will stay some days in Prishtina at the premises of Shota.

The dances learned during this seminar will be only traditional dances, no choreographies or created dances.

During the trip we will visit Mirdita for a traditional wedding party.

Program Folk dance seminar

Arrival date 10th of July 2016, Leaving date 21st of July 2016

Day 1: arrival at Tirana. Checking in at hotel Theranda in the centre of Tirana and welcome dinner with traditional food

Day 2: first morning class at the Opera, afternoon free time for lunch and sightseeing, evening dinner party

Day 3: Morning dance class, free for lunch, leaving for Mirdita in afternoon, dinner in Mirdita.

Day 4: Traditional wedding in Mirdita, afternoon leaving for Prishtina, dinner in Prishtina

Day 5: Dance classes, visit the ethnographical museum, dinner

Day 6: Dance classes, free time afternoon, evening dinner

Day 7: Dance classes, free time afternoon, evening dinner

Day 8: Dance classes , picnic, evening dance class

Day 9: Leaving Prishtina for Tirana, visit Prizren on the way, dinner Tirana

Day 10: Dance class, lunch, excursion to Kruja, dinner party Kruja

Day 11: Final dance class, rehearsals, video recording. Free time, evening farewell party.

Day 12: Leaving for Tirana airport and travel home (or further on).

Program is subject to changes, depending on opportunities to meet the groups during the days.


Genc Kastrati finished his study at the Academy of Fine arts in historical dancing, which is the Albanian equivalent of folklore dancing. By that time he already was a solo dancer at the National Ensemble but now also became choreographer for the ensemble and presented his first complete concert in 2008. Apart from this job, Genc is also teacher at the Art Academy, the Academy of Sports and member of the scientific council of the National Centre for Immaterial Culture, and occasionally involved in teaching at amateur groups. From 2010 onwards Genc has been teaching at workshops in Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, USA (Stockton Festival) and the Netherlands.

As a guest teacher we introduce Besnik Grajcevci. Besnik is the first dancer at ensemble Shota in Prishtina, the national professional ensemble of Kosovo. He will teach Kosovo dances.


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