Kruja Ethnographic museum

Very near to the modern Skenderbeg museum is the ethnographic museum of Kruja, within the remains of the old citadel of Kruja castle. It is the best preserved ethnographic museum of Albania and is packed from bottom to top with a lot of objects, situated in an old traditional house in Turkish style, built in 1764. The museum is also called the National Ethnographic museum, because of its importance. Surrounded by a wall, well marked, the entrance is through the original gate at the back of the house, while you will leave through the “front door”. All the rooms are furnished in the original way, kitchen, sleeping rooms, guestrooms etcetera, all packed with objects like clothes, musical instruments, utensils and other objects of importance. In the basement of the house, before entering the living rooms on the first floor, is an exhibition of crafts. Production of raki, olive oil, woolen dresses and qeleshë, the skull caps, is explained. Within the living rooms it is even possible to climb up to the place where the women stayed when guests were in the Oda. One of the main attractions of this museum is the private bath. It seems to be the only preserved personal Turkish bath in Albania.

Written by: Cees Hillebrand. Last updated: 2012-03-18

Kruja ethnographic museum

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