Berat Ethnographic museum

The ethnographic museum is located in the Mangalem (Muslim) quarter on the way up to the citadel of Berat on the right side. Signs will direct you to it. The museum is the former Llavda house. Again a traditional Turkish style build house. The house is probably 400 years old. It had two floors, the third one probably after the earthquake of 1851 added. In 1967 the house was restored and now is the ethnographic museum. A lot of the interior like painted doors, wooden cupboards etcetera has been preserved. The main hall on the lowest floor has the look and feel of a street in the old Pazar, with small shops, now used to display costumes, tools and other daily objects. In the courtyard is a large stone box, which served to keep the food cool in summer. The large open veranda invites the visitor to sit down and relax in the shade of the overhanging roof.

In 2008 a book was published on the Llavda house. It also contains descriptions of other buildings, doors and signs on other houses, lists of the family houses in both Gorica (the Orthodox quarter) and Mangalem (the Muslim quarter) as well as detailed maps of the houses and churches within Berat's citadel.

Written by: Cees Hillebrand. Last updated: 2012-03-18

Berat Ethnographic museum

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