Vendbanime dhe banesa popullore Shqiptare 1

Vendbanime dhe banesa fshatare

Authors: Muka, Ali Prof. Dr., Riza, Emin Prof. Dr., Thomo, Pirro Prof. Dr. (Red)

Publisher Toena, Instituti i Kultures Popullore
ISBN/EAN 9992719265
Edition 2004, Tirana
Format 25 x 23 cm, hb
Pages 480
Illustrations 525 bl & wh photographs and drawings, 2 colour maps
Availability available
Price indication EUR 16.00 (approx. ALL 2,215 / USD 20.13)

This book on folk architecture is presented as part of a series titled Trash√ęgimi Kulturor i Popullit Shqiptar, The Cultural Heritage of the Albanian people, although there seems to be no other volumes in the series.
Volume 1 is related to the main title of traditional architecture as this volume describes the village dwellings and houses of the northern regions, divided in the north-eastern, north-western regions and the central northern massive.
As a scientific study the book is very accessible, due to the vast amount of drawings and photographs. In most cases the description is accompanied by photograph(s) and drawing(s) in a complete set, showing photographs, plans, overview and details in drawing. Not only of the outside, but also of the inside of houses, complete with furniture, tools etc.
The pages 395 -480 contain a summary in English including a Explicative vocabulary of terms, translations of the notes to the illustrations and a bibliography.