The Albanians

An Ethnic History from Prehistoric Times to the Present

Author: Jacques, Edwin E.

Publisher McFarland
ISBN/EAN 9780899509320
Edition 1995, hardcover, Jefferson (NC)
Format 15,5 x 23,5
Pages 730
Illustrations 3 maps
Availability available in 2 vol. set paperback (2009)
Price indication USD 75.00 (approx. ALL 8,257 / EUR 59.62)

For those interested in the history of the Albanian people, this book covers it all, up to the end of communism in 1992.
Although there still is discussion on the continuation of the Albanians as a direct line from the Illyrians, Jacques provides a lot of evidence for the opinion that the Albanians have been living inland along the coastline of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea from early history onwards, as descendants of the Pelasgians.
The text is filled with numerous notes and bibliographic information as Jacques tries to cover any mentioned fact by traceable sources.

This edition is no longer available, but a new 2 vol. set in paperback is available for 75,00 USD with EAN code 9780786442386

There is also an Albanian translation available.
Highly recommended reading.