Artizanati - handicraft

Authors: Leka, Anton - Dibra, Mit'hat

Publisher Sht√ępia Botuese Shtypshkronja ILAR
ISBN/EAN 9789994396559
Edition Shkodra, 2007
Format 28 x 23 cm
Pages 150
Illustrations almost all pages
Availability available
Price indication ALL 2,500 (approx. EUR 18.05 / USD 22.70)

The book on handicrafts from the Shkodra region is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Shkodra. The book represents all the important people in the handicrafts industry from the region, divided by the materials used from stone and iron, wood and ceramics, to leather and textiles. Apart from the artists whome are creating beautiful pieces of art, a number of more traditional handicrafts are also present like Xhevdet Grezda, qeleshe maker (deceased 2010)and Kasem Uruci, musical instruments maker and several women making traditional woven textiles.