Das Land der Skipetaren

Author: Bernatzik, Hugo Adolf

Publisher Büchergilde Gutenberg
Edition Unknown (copyright 1930 L.W.Seidel & Sohn, Wien)
Format 16 x 23 cm
Pages 57 pages text, ca 100 pages with photographs, of which 3 in color
Illustrations 105 photographs, 3 in color, 1 map
Availability Antiquarians
Price indication EUR 16.00 (approx. ALL 2,215 / USD 20.13)

Adolf Hugo Bernatzik is best known as anthropologist from his studies in Africa, but in the year 1929 he also travelled to Albania and made a wonderful document of the country of that time. Although a general description of what he encountered on his voyage, his anthropological background shows a deep interest in the culture of the people. As a time document it best fits in the range of ethnological books. The text is about the landscapes, the animal world, the villages and cities, the customs of the people, folk dress, music and many other subjects.
The many pictures, combined with a pleasant way of telling the personal story of his experiences, make the book to a classical one for everybody who takes interest in Albania and its cultural heritage. It is written in German language.
The book had several editions and can be obtained at several antique book sellers for as much as 16 - 30 Euro.
Some pictures and a background story has appeared in the book "Fremde Frauen" which is a book about Bernatzik, among information and photographs of the expeditions in Africa and Asia. "Fremde Frauen" was published by Verlag Christian Brandstätter, 1985, Wien - München.