Valle nga rrethi i Librazdhit

Author: Agolli, Nexhat

Publisher Universiteti Shtetëror i Tiranës, Instituti i Folklorit
Edition 1972, Tirana, hard cover
Format 17 x 24 cm
Pages 320
Illustrations 95 b&w drawings, 20 b&w photographs
Availability no longer available, 1500 copies printed
Price indication ALL 500 (approx. EUR 3.61 / USD 4.54)

As many regions in Albania have their own specific styles of dancing, certainly Librazdhit region is a special one.
This book describes the general characteristics of this style in about 40 pages, followed by a summary in French on 16 pages.
The rest of the pages presents 28 dances in full description, divided in the following chapters: women's dances, dances with songs for men, the dances for two men and the dances for a mixed group.The separate descriptions contain a notation which we might be known as Romanotation (see the sample page), a short introduction/history text, a step by step description with the musical score as guidance and the musical score and lyrics to the songs.
Usually all these dances are named Vallja e Librazdhit, but here the original names of the different dances are used.
Occasionally a copy might be found in a second hand bookshop for about 500-800 ALL.