Koreografi & Art i kultuvuar

Author: Bogdani, Prof. Dr. Ramazan H.

Publisher Mësonjëtorja, Tirana
Edition 1998, Tirana
Format 14 x 20 cm, pb
Pages 998
Illustrations 284 small b&w photographs, 49 drawings
Availability available, 1500 copies printed
Price indication ALL 1,000 (approx. EUR 7.22 / USD 9.08)

Contrary to other books by Ramazan Bogdani, this book does not describe traditional folk dances, but is a reflection of the interaction between the traditional folk dances and the choreographic artistry of artists and ensembles. Not just the State Ensemble, but also smaller amateur or local ensembles. Many choreographies with their background, compositions and artistic values, choreographers and dancers mentioned by name, over the years, are reviewed and discussed.All the great names in Albanian dancing, either folk dance or classical ballet can be found in this book in relation to what choreographies they created and in which way they did it.
Certainly this book gives an idea of the traditional value of the choreographies shown as well as the value it had in other periods of time.
Pity, the summary in English is just 30 pages. This book would be worthwhile to examine by everyone who is involved in bringing traditional folk dances to the stage.