Etnokoreografi II 1980 - 1987

Kolona Etnokoreografike Ramazan H. Bogdani

Author: Bogdani, Prof. dr. Ramazan H.

Publisher Botim i Çelësi SHPK, Tirana
ISBN/EAN 9789995667764
Edition 2009
Format 14 x 20 cm
Pages 651, English summary p.614-631
Illustrations 83 bl & wh photographs
Availability available
Price indication EUR 10.00 (approx. ALL 1,385 / USD 12.58)

The book contains 35 articles on different aspects of Albanian folk dances, all written by Prof.dr. Ramazan H. Bogdani.Papers never published before for many reasons and some published before in another setting. From pure description of dances or dance cycles to experiences in field work to scientific ideas, backgrounds and development. Some articles are divided in sub articles like chapter 21, dealing with the Gjirokastër festival of 1983. The sub-articles are about different aspects or dances as seen in the Gjirokastër festival.
All articles have been written in the years 1980-1987.
The summary in English just gives an idea about the contents in 21 pages.
The diversity of the content makes this book interesting for those who would like to know more about Albanian dances, the way they are collected, described, evolved, their role in society and other scientific views.