Albanian Anecdotes

Author: Zogiani, Salih

Publisher Printing Press, Prishtina
ISBN/EAN 9951408206
Edition 2006
Format 12,5 x 18 cm
Pages 174
Availability available, 3500 copies printed
Price indication ALL 600 (approx. EUR 4.33 / USD 5.45)

This little book contains 235 anecdotes translated in English, selected from his 3 volume set published in Albanian with 1198 anecdotes in total.
One way to understand the Albanian culture is to learn from anecdotes as they reflect daily life and the visions people have on life and their situation.
Some anecdotes are universal which everybody does understand, some need a full understanding of Albanian culture. Translation into English is sometimes a bit awkward, but understandable.
These anecdotes may help to understand Albanian culture.

One example here relating to the çifteli: I've found the right spot

Aman had bought a çiftelia and hung it on his bedroom wall. After he got married his wife asked him one night:
-Who is playing that çiftelia?
-I am - said the man.
-Can you play it a bit because I want to hear you play- the bride said.
He took the çftelia and began playing it, although he did not know how to play it.
When his wife realized he did not know how to play it, she said:
-Why is it that when musicians play it they move their hand up and down and you never lift your hand but are rather keeping your finger at a certain spot?
-Well, they move their fingers up and down looking for the right spot, and I have found that spot - the man answered......