A Dictionary of Albanian Religion, Mythology, and Folk Culture

Author: Elsie, Robert

Publisher New York University Press
ISBN/EAN 9780814722145
Edition 2001, hardcover
Format 14,5 x 22,5 cm
Pages 357
Availability Available
Price indication USD 60.00 (approx. ALL 6,605 / EUR 47.69)

From Abaz Aliu, the Muslim holy man who lies buried in a tyrbbe on Mount Tomor (near Berat) to Zonja Nunciatë, the feast of the Annunciation, Robert Elsie explains every aspect of the Albanian folk culture, religion and mythology. Notes to the texts, relating to sources in literature and a fine bibliography makes it a great starting point to study. The way the texts are presented is very clear and understandable. The use of both English and Albanian entries for the same issue is very easy to use.
This reference work is a must for those interested in Albanian folk culture and beliefs. Highly recommended.