Veshje popullore Shqiptare - Albanian folk costumes V2

Vellimi 2 - Volume 2

Author: Gjergji, Andromaqi e.a.

Publisher Toena, Instituti i Kultures Popullore, Departamenti i Etnologjise
ISBN/EAN 999271526X
Edition 2001, hardcover
Format 24 x 30 cm
Pages 202
Illustrations 181 colour photographs
Availability available, 3000 kopies printed
Price indication EUR 45.00 (approx. ALL 6,230 / USD 56.61)

This is the second volume in a series of five as planned, three volumes already published.
The second volume contains text and photographs of the folk costumes of the following southern regions of Albania: Permeti, Kolonja, Skrapari, Korça, Pogradeci, Gramshi and Librazhdi. These are the south-eastern regions.
It is mainly a photographic documentary with splendid colour photographs of people in costumes (most of them full page) and details with an explanation per region written by the leading ethnologists in the field: Mark Tirto and Yllka Selimi , both Prof. Dr. and Dr. Abaz Dojaka, ethnologist, supervised by Prof. Dr. Afërdita Onuzi.
Each chapter starting with a detailed map of the ethnographical regions makes
these volumes a perfect reference work and a gem on Albanian folk costumes.