Popular Art in Albania

Costumes, textiles, clothing, works on metal and wood, and houses

Author: Zoizi, Rrok

Publisher State University of Tirana, Institute of history and languages, section of ethnology
Edition 1959, Tirana
Format 27 x 36 cm
Pages 11 pages text + 53 plates
Illustrations 53 plates in color
Availability no longer available

This beautiful album from 1959 is a copy in English but it also existed in Albanian, German, French, Russian, Italia and even in Chinese editions. The album served as a gift of Albanian culture to many politicians, ambassadors etcetera. Therefore it is hard to find a copy in Albania (although two copies in bad shape, one in Russian and one in Chinese showed up in an antique shop in Tirana just recently), but outside Albania some copies show up in antique bookshops around the world, even in Albanian language.
Although some plates are about works of metal and wood, houses and other things of folk art, the majority of the plates is with folk costumes. In that respect the album is described in this section.
The painter of the plates is Dhimiter Mborja and some of the paintings can also be found in the book "Shqipƫria, mozaiku i veshjes" in which the same plates appear, but painted with different materials.
The binding of the plates is with two ribbons, neatly tightened.
A similar album was published about textiles.