Marubi vol 3

Shqiperia - Albania 1858 - 1950

Author: Tasho, Roland (Kurator)

Publisher Ministria e Turizmit, Kulturës, Rinisë dhe Sporteve, Bashkia e Shkodres
Edition 2003
Format 24 x 31 cm, hb
Pages 142
Illustrations 117 bl & w photographs on large format.
Availability available
Price indication EUR 37.00 (approx. ALL 5,123 / USD 46.55)

The name Marubi in Albania is famous. The Italian artist and sculptor Pietro Marubi fled from Italy and after Corfu and Vlora he settled in Shkodra. From 1858 onwards he took the first pictures in Shkodra with a camera and after him two more generations of Marubi followed, Kel and Gegë, until 1946, when Gegë closed down the studio and started to work on the archives of more then 150.000 pictures.
In the Fototeka Marubi in Shkodra, experts work on preservation, restoration and digitizing of all the negatives (many on glass plates) to save this unique collection for the future.
Although the pictures shown in this book resemble important people, views of Shkodra and other places the album also shows a lot of pictures with people in traditional dresses, rich and poor, from several regions in the neighborhood of Shkodra. Therefore it is placed in the costumes section of this website. The book also contains an article by Andromaqi Gjergji on the value of this photographic heritage in relation to the study of the folk costumes of Albania.
These (almost) perfect pictures from times gone by give a splendid view at the traditional dresses from 1858 onwards till 1946.
This one seems to be the third volume in the Marubi series, 6 published until now. Volume 5 and 6 are numbered, 1 to 4 are not numbered.