Veglat muzikore të popullit Shqiptar

Authors: Sokoli, Ramadan - Miso, Pirro

Publisher Akademia e Shkencave e RPS të Shqipërisë, Instituti i kulturës popullore
Edition 1991, Tirana
Format 19x 26 cm
Pages 324
Illustrations 174 photographs, 44 in color, 62 drawings
Availability no longer available, 2000 copies printed

With a summary in English of 13 pages, the book describes the folk musical instruments of the Albanian people. This also includes the Albanians outside Albania.
After an introduction with remarks on the sociological, geographical, historical an other aspects of this study he book starts with a chapter on historical finds on murals, pottery and sculptures from ancient times resembling the musical instruments. The next chapters are organized according the usual classification of the instrumets in Idiophones, membranophones etc.
each instrument is well described: geographical, historical, sociological, material, structure, the way of playing, as well as with musical scores. All illustrated with black and white photographs and drawings.
Afte haing described the differet instruments a chapter is devoted to the traditional formations of folk orchestras. A final chapter is about the building of the instruments, the materials used, how they are made with technical drawings with measures.
Unfortunately the printing quality is poor and the numbers of the pictures to the corresponding text is not always right. As there are 2000 copies printed instead of the usual 1000 still copies may be found at second hand bookshops or even in a far corner of a regular bookshop.
This publication is probably the best standard work on Albanian folk music instruments.