Kënga karakteristike Korçare

Author: Koço, Eno

Publisher Botimet Toena, Tirana
ISBN/EAN 999271736X
Edition 2003, Tirana
Format 14 x 20 cm
Pages 120
Illustrations 12 b&w pictures of catalogue and concert texts
Availability Available
Price indication EUR 3.00 (approx. ALL 415 / USD 3.77)

Eno Koço describes the charasteristic songs from Korça as from the 19th and 20th century, in fact the urban songs. It is a detailed study of the structure, metrics and other characteristic features of the songs from Korça and special attention is given to Thoma Nasi (1892-1964) and the band named "Vatra".
The final pages contain the lytrics and musical scores of 27 songs, of which 8 are composed by Thoam Nasi.