Këngë popullore të rrethit të Përmetit

Authors: Xhagolli, Agron & Tyto, Niko

Publisher Akademia e Shkencave e Shqipërisë, Instituti i kulturës popullore
ISBN/EAN 9994381725
Edition 2006, Tirana
Format 13,5 x 20,5 cm, pb
Pages 562
Illustrations none
Availability Available

The book is based on an earlier publication of 1988. It contains 697 lyrics of songs from the region of Përmet, classified in different types of songs, as has been done in all these publications. The book is completed by an introduction, a glossary/dictionary, explaining the meaning of typical words from the local dialect, and some lists on persons and places.
Every song is mentioned in what village it was recorded and in which year.