Këngë popullore nga rrethina e Kardhiqit dhe e Rrëzomës

Author: Kondi, Mitat

Publisher Instituti i Kulturës Popullore
Edition 1987, Tirana
Format 14 x 21 cm, hb
Pages 628
Illustrations 5 b&w photographs, 1 map
Availability no longer available, 2000 copies printed
Price indication ALL 800 (approx. EUR 5.78 / USD 7.26)

Volume 5 in the series Mbledhes te folklorit contains the lyrics of 542 songs, divided in sections and completed by a dictionary, register of place names, person's names in the songs and the singers from whom the songs were collected in the same way as the other volumes with songs in this series.
Kardhiqit is the region north west of Gjirokastër, Rrëzomës is south west of Gjirokastër and north west of Delvinë.