Enciklopedia e iso-polifonisë popullore Shqiptare

Encyclopaedia of Albanian folk iso-polyphony

Author: Tole, Vasil S.

Publisher Uegen
ISBN/EAN 9789994339778
Edition Tirana, 2007
Format 20x 27 cm, paperback with CD
Pages 320
Illustrations 19 pages black & white photographs of musicians, singers, groups etc.
Availability Available
Price indication ALL 2,000 (approx. EUR 14.44 / USD 18.16)

The encyclopaedia is a bilingual edition, Shqip on the left, English translation on the right side of the pages.
The content is a detailed description of all the terms used in iso-polyphonic singing, names of groups, singers, CD titles, organizations, instruments etcetera with samples in tekst, explanations, but also a CD is coming with the book, which contains 30 samples of polyphonic singing from different regions of Albania.
The book is connected with the website www.isopolifonia.com .

The book was published with the support of the USA embassy and the music department of UNESCO, IMC.

The encyclopaedia also refers to foreign activities as for example the publications by Jane Sugarman and the ensemble Drita by Ian Price.

A must-have for all interested in iso-polyphonic singing as a valuable source of information.