Vallëzimi popullor Shqiptar


Author: Bogdani, Prof. Dr. Ramazan H.

Publisher Akademia e Shkencave e RPS të Shqipërisë, Instituti i kulturës popullore
Edition 1997, hardback
Format 21 x 28 cm
Pages 610
Illustrations 143 b&w photographs, 66 b&w drawings, 45 small maps
Availability no longer available, 2000 copies printed
Price indication EUR 20.00 (approx. ALL 2,769 / USD 25.16)

Ramazan Bogdani graduated to Dr. on this book as a dissertation.
Apart from a long introduction, discussing styles, forms and all other aspects of Albanian folk dances, the book contains descriptions of 56 dances from different regions. After an introduction to each dance about the region, variations, style, music, setting, rituals,etcetera, the text contains the full description per measure, written down in lines as well as in Laban notation, completed with the musical score to the dance, divided per instrument used.
The text is full with notes, referring to the archives of the Institute, publications, movies, recordings, pictures. Also the musical scores are noted with the original recording on which the score is based. A large number of small pictures and drawings illustrates style and presentation of the dances.
The book has become a standard on Albanian folk dances, although it only describes the lyrical dances, not the epic ones.
Chapters are divided by the types of dances: dances for work, rituals, weddings, erotic, humoristic, pantomime and the last chapter is about so-called lyrical-epic dances. The dances have a lyrical atmosphere, while the epic story plays a second role.
A summary in English of 20 pages makes the book accessible to foreigners. The summary contains only the texts of the introductory chapter, not the dance descriptions themselves,but the Laban notation is international.
From time to time the book can be found in second hand bookshops for about 20 Euro.