Perëndesha Athina dhe simbole të tjera Kozmogonike

Author: Dano, Luljeta

Publisher Botimet Tre Mariat Tirana
ISBN/EAN 9789992769140
Edition October 2007
Format 13x20 cm
Pages 112
Illustrations 3 bl&wh, 30 color photographs
Availability Available
Price indication EUR 5.00 (approx. ALL 692 / USD 6.29)

Luljeta Dano describes the symbols of the goddess Athena and other universal and ancient symbols as presented in the national dresses of Albania. Special attention is given to the xhubleta of the Malisor in which most of these symbols are still found and to the symbols used in the Mirdita dresses like the Egyptian cross and the lotus symbol.
The use of these symbols direct to a nearly 4000 year old heritage, with reference to the black, owl-eyed Athina, the Klicevac terracotta (bronze age, East of Beograd) and similar finds in a 2000 year old Illyrian grave in Albania.