Gora dhe veshja tradicionale e saj gjatë shekullit XX

Gora and its traditional costumes during the XX century

Author: Kosova, Parim

Publisher Parim Kosova
ISBN/EAN 9789951868716
Edition 1st ed, 2007, Prishtinë
Format 21 x 29 cm
Pages 160
Illustrations 199 b&w, 13 colour photographs, 1 map
Availability available
Price indication EUR 13.00 (approx. ALL 1,800 / USD 16.35)

In just 28 pages of text (Albanian & English) Parim Kosova, historian and manager of the Complex of Monuments of the Albanian League in Prizren, gives some information on the Gora region, in the southern triangle of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. The centre is in Kosovo, with the Opoja region in the north.
Small chapters on history, geography, customs, rituals, music and dances, with a larger part describing the costumes.
The rest of the book consists of photographs, some on the costumes in colour, which makes the book very interesting. The pictures are presented in the same order as the chapters in the text.